Thanks to TV and the movies, almost everyone knows that some people get out of jail because someone pays their bail. However, few of those dramatic scenes explain the bond process which makes that happen. For example, in real life, most Cummings, Georgia defendants contact a bail bonds service like One Call, Inc. These professionals offer Forsyth County bail bonds and work closely with the court systems. They help their clients get free until they need to appear in court.

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Why Bail Bonds Are Necessary

In the U.S. everyone is innocent until proven guilty, so the courts allow many defendants to remain free until their court dates. The accused appear before judges, who set amounts of money that defendants must deposit to guarantee their court appearances. The money is called bail and can range from a few hundred to many thousands of dollars. Since most people do not have a lot of cash, they generally call bond companies that will provide bail for a fee.

How Bondsmen Help Free Defendants

The professionals who provide bail bonds are available 24/7 and may be contacted by defendants as well as their friends or families. Generally it only takes a call to the bond agent to get the process rolling. They collect information like the defendant’s name, birth date, jail location, arrest date, bail amount and credit card. Agents work very closely with court representatives, so they can often speed up the release process. They do this by writing bonds, or guarantees that the accused will appear in court. When they provide Bail Bonds Cumming GA companies charge a fee for the service. It is typically around 10% of the bail amount.

What Happens After Bail Is Paid

If defendants do not make court appearances, bail bond companies are responsible to pay the full amount of their bail to the courts. As a result, bond agents are often empowered to locate and apprehend clients who do not show up for their court dates. However, most customers do what they should and bond companies simply close their cases. Their fees are non-refundable, since they cover bail services.

Georgia residents, like many others in the U.S., depend on local bond agents for quick releases after arrests. Bail bond companies offer 24/7 help and work closely with local authorities to get defendants freed. Clients pay them non-refundable fees for the service.

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